Introducing the electric, automatic Cafe Racer 

WILD GRACE is the catch phase of this exclusive, classic and elegant Electric Cafe Racer.  The BOSCH  high performance motor drives the 17″ wheels with a strong output, quick acceleration and strong torque supporting a large climbing angle.  The TC also has energy-saving features with high efficiency.

A high capacity lithium battery pack, dynamic LED lights, CBS braking system and so many more extraordinary features make the Super SOCO TC the most impressive and modern electric vehicle to hit the market while the retro styling makes it so urban cool.

The powerful electric motor in the Super SOCO was a joint development with BOSCH.  To create the elegant, retro style of the TC, 17″ large wheels were used which give the TC high performance output, it even has faster acceleration than a comparable petrol engine.   The BOSCH wheel hub engine has a maximum power of 3000 watts accelerating without gears and without delay.

Experience the electric mobility, no oil change or refill, no exhaust gases, no noise pollution.  The TC has the capacity to travel with two high capacity lithium battery packs giving the bike extended range to up to 160km.  The bike plugs in to a standard 220v socket to recharge the batteries or they can be removed and carried to a charger.  This gives a user more options for recharging for convenience.

The dynamic LED headlight adapts to ever changing road conditions day and night.  The high concentration LED turn signal is a circular cigar smoke model with ultrasonic seamless welding technology.  The integrated wraparound LED taillight includes the running light, braking light, license light, automatic sensitive lights and a visual range of more than 270 degrees for safer night driving.

The dash is an LCD electronic pointer instrument combining technology and retro styling.  Following the impression of classic mechanical pointer of cafe racer in style, it is more refined, simple and graceful while the back light enhances details.

The brake system is CBS or controlled braking system.  The front brake is a 240mm spray disc brake with dual-piston floating calipers, the rear is 180mm spray disc brake with single piston floating caliper.  The TC brakes quickly when riding at high speeds and the braking performance is more stable and reliable with CBS.

The Smart Controlling Unit is known as the FOC or Field Oriented Control.  To find the perfect balance between range and performance, the SOCO TC constantly checks your driving style and driving behavior. It’s also called the “brain” of electric vehicles, the FOC will monitor your requested horsepower from the accelerator, transform it into smarter information and relay it – like magic – to the wheel of your vehicle. The result is simply phenomenal – the ultimate driving experience that unfortunately can not be described in words.


  • CBS Braking System
  • FOV Vector Controller 2.0
  • Dynamic LED Headlight
  • Integrated wrap around LED Taillight
  • Bionic Saddle in coffee colours
  • 17″ wheels
  • Ability to carry 2 batteries for a 160km range
  • Heightened retro handlebar
  • Classic round lamp
  • Retro round instrument panel
  • Folding passenger pedals
  • Six section adjustable pedals for ergonomic sitting position
    Ride under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS)
    2-year factory warranty program provides advanced product coverage and delivers a superior ownership experience