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$3999 Ride Away! One Only!

Super SOCO TS1200R – The start into a new era

E-Mobility has never been so modern, inspiring and perfected. The all-new Super SOCO TS1200R is the result of many years of research in order to create a state of the art vehicle. For the first time ever, an international team of experts has been able to develop an electric moped in cooperation with BOSCH, which entirely meets the needs of today‘s drivers. With a range of 160 km (100 mi) it sets the new standard for everyday-vehicles.

Unbeatable LED lights

In order to enhance the driving experience
at night, the SOCO is equipped with highly advanced LED-technology. Lenses made of crystal clear glass project both low and high beam light onto the road ahead of you for maximum sight. LED indicators and stylish LED daytime running lights will definitely draw attention to you in every situation.

State of the art batteries

Up to 2 removable batteries can be fitted inside the SOCO. Both of them can be charged simultaneously or separately at any standard socket. High performance power cells by Panasonic, LG or Samsung provide up to 160 km of range with an electric moped. Besides, a smart battery management system (BMS) ensures maximum durability and reliability.

Electronic braking system

A carefully thought out electronic braking system (EBS) with disc brakes on the front and rear provide high class braking performance
in any situation. Best of all: Pulling the brakes will automatically transform your delay into electric power and recover the batteries. Con- sequently, durability and performance of the battery cells are being improved significantly.

Reliable LED rear lights

Even from behind the new Super SOCO looks spectacular, thanks to LED-technology again. Particularly when it comes to safety, the SOCO scores easily. An illumination angle of 270 degrees will make you visible from any per- spective. At the end of the day LED lights are not only more reliable, but they are also highly efficient, which increases the range.

Endless power by BOSCH

Ludicrous acceleration and top quality do not come from nothing. For that reason the Super SOCO is equipped with a special electric engine developed by BOSCH, which is fitted inside the rear wheel. The advantages are obvious: far better acceleration than comparable fuel en- gines, no dirty oils, no bad smells and all of that while saving both money and environment.

Smartphone connection


*App available 2018

Connect the Super SOCO with your smart- phone via Bluetooth and discover your vehicle from a different perspective. The app provides you all the information from your bordcompu- ter, such as range, consumption, trip details and much more. It is available for free on both iOS* and Android*, giving you the freedom of adjusting several settings of your SOCO.

A masterpiece of engineering

The combination of ultra-light aluminum and robust steel alloy was the key of achieving what seemed to be impossible: a perfect frame of its own kind. As a result, the new characteristics guarantee a unique driving ex- perience and dynamics never reached before. That means: less weight, increased durability and enhanced performance on the road.


More power, less consumption

A brand new field orientiented control (FOC) system forms the heart and soul of your SOCO. It is responsible for delivering the perfect mixture of performance and range at any mo- ment. Even if you are not paying attention to
it, the smart FOC is constantly deciding on any reaction of the engine in real-time. To cut a long story short: instant power and optimized range.

Keyless system

Normal keys like any other moped? No chance! The Super SOCO comes with a much more secure and better developed keyless system with remote functionality. Locking and unlo- cking a vehicle has never been so easy. Just keep the key in your pocket. With a push on the start-button you are good to go, provided that the key is close to the SOCO.

Customizable settings

Adjust the Super SOCO the way you want it
to be. Various elements, such as foot pedals, are fully customizable to fit your very personal needs and your own body size. Whether you prefer sporty and exact, or comfortable and smooth: The SOCO guarantees best possible driving settings. That is called ingenuity.

Intuitive and simple

The large, illuminated display shows all the information you need to know while driving. Moreover, you may choose from 3 different dri- ving modes: maximum performance, maximum range and balanced driving. What it lacks is the clutch, which is not needed for electric mopeds, same as changing the gears. All you need to do is start driving and braking, eventually.

Brilliant from A to Z

Whether it is the storage compartment for personal belongings, removable batteries for charging them somewhere else, or the smart throttle making your driving smoother than ever before – this vehicle can do so much more than just driving. The goal is and has always been to create an everyday-companion and to deliver top driving experience. Enjoy the SOCO!